File a Complaint Online

The National NewsMedia Council will only consider complaints on issues published in the past three months and will not deal with any matters where legal action is contemplated, launched or might be considered. To file a complaint, you must agree not to take legal action in the matter on which the complaint is based.

  1. Complete the form below, outlining your concerns about the article published by a member news organization and your expectation of what is needed to resolve your issue. Include reference to the news item, specific issues, date, and link, if possible.
  2. Send a copy of your complaint to the news organization to expedite your concerns.
  3. If you receive a response from the news organization, please advise the NewsMedia Council whether it is acceptable or you require further consideration.
  4. Decisions by the Council are final. The complainant and the news organization will receive a Council decision by email. The news organization must publish a Council decision in a timely manner if a complaint is upheld. Decisions that are dismissed do not require publishing in the paper but will be published on our web site.
  5. For additional information, please contact the Council’s complaints coordinator at 1-844-877-1163.