Resolved due to corrective action taken

This new category deals with sensitive issues brought as complaints to the NNC and resolved to the satisfaction of both the complainant and the relevant news media. In some cases, the complainant’s name might be withheld to protect a minor’s identity or to make sure an error isn’t repeated or made worse by correction. In those circumstances, the NNC will report in general terms the nature of the complaint, the name of the news media institution cited, and the resolution.


A complaint against the Toronto Star has been resolved due to corrective action taken by the paper.

The National NewsMedia Council confirmed on June 2, 2016, that decision of the hearing panel that considered the complaint against the Toronto Star. The complainant objected that he was not given opportunity to respond to unsubstantiated allegations that were reported as fact. He was indirectly identified in the article, and suffered professional and personal embarrassment as a result.

Attempts by the paper to resolve the complaint were not satisfactory, but in discussion with the NNC the paper recognized its errors in reporting and editing. It also acknowledged that an earlier correction and clarification was inadequate, and quickly committed to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the complainant.

In the course of these actions and decisions, the online article was modified to remove the paragraphs that harmed the complainant and did not meet the Star’s journalistic standards.