NNC and Ryerson University launch ‘2018 Local News Survey’

NNC and Ryerson University launch ‘2018 Local News Survey’

Ryerson University, in partnership with the National NewsMedia Council, is officially launching a survey geared to small-market Canadian newsrooms. The objective of the survey is to gather data to better understand innovation and engagement at the local level. This results of this survey will be used to compare data to similar surveys that have already been conducted in the United States, Spain, and Austria. We’re asking Canadian journalists working for newspapers with a print circulation under 50,000 to please complete …

2017-82: Korski vs Canadaland

The National NewsMedia Council has considered and dismissed a complaint claiming conflict of interest related to a September 2016 Canadaland podcast.

Decision: Louise Yasinchuk vs Timmins Daily Press

For immediate release – The National NewsMedia Council dismissed a complaint about bias, inaccuracy and a lack of opportunity to provide a response related to the Timmins Daily Press article, “Perp avoids jail while victim haunted by assault”.

Decision: Denise Davy vs Burlington Gazette

September 14, 2017 – For immediate release – The National NewsMedia Council has upheld a complaint that the Burlington Gazette breached journalistic standards in printing a correction that was inaccurate and did not provide opportunity to respond to an allegation. 

New Newsletters!

New Newsletters!

The National NewsMedia Council is pleased to bring you our latest newsletters. Please click here to read a copy of our Spring 2017 edition. You can also click here to read our May 2017 edition.

February 2017 Newsletter

The National NewsMedia Council is pleased to bring you our latest newsletter. Please click here to read a copy of our February 2017 dispatch.    

Public Policy Forum’s report ‘The Shattered Mirror’ released

Earlier today, the Public Policy Forum released its much anticipated report on the Canadian media industry. The report establishes a concrete public policy framework to address the long-term health of the Canadian media ecosystem. You can download a copy of the report here.

Documents for December’s AGM now online

The entire suite of documents that members will require for the NNC’s first annual general meeting, to be held on December 8, 2016, are now available. Please see the appropriate links below. For a copy of the AGM Agenda, please click here. For a copy of the Nominations Ballot, please click here. For copies of the auditor’s report and other financial documents, please contact Brent Jolly, NNC’s community manager, at: bjolly@mediacouncil.ca immediately.

NNC’s by-laws approved

Members, We are happy to be able to distribute a copy of the NNC’s by-laws, which we approved by the board at our meeting on September 22, 2016. You can download your copy in PDF format here.

National NewsMedia Council will hold its first AGM

Annual General Meeting of the National NewsMedia Council to be held on December 8, 2016 at 12 noon EST at the NNC office, 37 Front Street East, Toronto. You can read a full copy of the official notice of meeting. Please also find a copy of the proxy voting form.