UK press councils, post-Leveson

“This week saw a major step forward for genuinely independent press regulation in the UK. The new press regulator IMPRESS (Independent Monitor for the Press) has announced that it has not only signed up a dozen publishers but that it has submitted an application for formal recognition,” writes Steven Barnett in the January 22, 2016 edition of The Conversation. “The raison d’etre for IMPRESS is trusted journalism, which every survey of public opinion tells us – certainly for the printed press – is in …

National NewsMedia Council launches

Canada has a new press and newsmedia council thanks to a refreshed and renewed commitment to the newsmedia industry by publications across the country, as well as the successful amalgamation of several regional press councils, including the Ontario Press Council, the Atlantic Press Council and the British Columbia Press Council.

National NewsMedia Council to launch this September

After two-plus years of discussion with their industry members, the press councils of British Columbia, Atlantic Canada and Ontario are merging their organizations to form the new National Newsmedia Council (NNC), effective September 2015.